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Privacy Statement

At the West Chester Coin Club your right to privacy is of paramount importance. It is our primary objective to protect all of the information that you supply to us. Therefore, any information that you do provide us with will be held in the strictest confidence and safeguarded with normal accepted practices. The term "club" in this document means West Chester Coin Club.

MEMBERS   Only information that is needed to maintain our database of West Chester Coin Club members will be collected. That information will include your name, address, home phone number, email address (if applicable), employer's name and your work phone number (if applicable). In addition, we would like to know your collecting interests and any other numismatic clubs or organizations that you belong to. The primary use of the club's database is to print mailing labels for our newsletter COIN CLIPS and record data such as when you joined our club, if your dues are current and if you hold, or have held any office in our club. The only individuals permitted to have access to this information are the club officers. Club officers include the president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. On a case by case basis this information may be shared with the master-at-arms, public relations officer and the show chairman. The executive committee may also need certain information to complete a specific duty or task. The executive committee includes the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, the immediate past living president and two members elected by the club. The president will have the final say as to what information is needed.

GUESTS   At the West Chester Coin Club guests are always welcome! Guests are requested to sign our guest book and present photo identification when they attend one of our meetings. Guest book information requested is limited to the guest's name and address.

COIN SHOW ATTENDEES   Attendees to the West Chester Coin Club Annual Coin Show must register. This is a security requirement and there will be no exceptions. Registration information required is only your name, address and, if applicable, the number of people in your party. Only one person in a party (two or more people) need register. Occasionally, there will be questions printed on the registration card such as "How did you hear about the show?" or "Would you like to receive information on future coin shows?" and "Do you have an email address? If so, what is it?" To answer these questions is optional and completely at your discretion. They are only meant to help us serve you better in the future.

COIN SHOW DEALERS   Dealers attending the West Chester Coin Club Annual Coin Show must pre-register with a Coin Show Contract (see FORMS in the menu at left). Information required for this registration is the dealer's company name, the dealer's name, his mailing address, a daytime telephone number where he can be reached, how many assistants will be working at his table and their names. The dealer's email address and website URL is optional. The dealer and his assistants will wear badges provided by the club.

EMAIL ADDRESSES   The purpose of the club's email distribution list is actually two fold. First, when you supply us with your email address, you have the option to receive your monthly copy of the West Chester Coin Club newsletter Coin Clips by email, thereby saving the club postage, paper and ink costs, and getting your newsletter quicker. When applicable, you will also have "live" links to click on that are embedded in the text of the newsletter. Second, in the rare event that an urgent matter cannot wait until the newsletter is sent, you may receive email from us detailing that matter or directing you, with a link, to our website and to that specific item. Moreover, it is our goal not to send individual email messages, but to have you visit our website periodically, at for all the latest events and information. Regardless of the use, we will still require your email address to use as an alternate and efficient means of contacting you should the need arise. If have selected the option to receive the newsletter by email and you change you mind, you may do so quickly and easily by sending an email to with "REMOVE" in the subject line and a brief message like "Please remove my email address from your newsletter distribution group".

COLLECTED DATA   The West Chester Coin Club does not disseminate, give, sell, share, or transfer your information with, or to anyone or to any third party, for any reason! The club holds all personal data in the strictest confidence. Any information released to parties external to the club would be generic in nature. For example: the number of members in the club from a certain area or zip code, but it will not include information such as the names or actual addresses of the members in that area. The only exception to this rule is if you are contacted, in advance, and asked if we may release certain information to an individual. For example: a member of the club may request a phone number of another member in the club. Unless we have a previous consent agreement, we will contact the member specified by the requestor and have them call the member making the request.

COOKIES   Cookies are short script files that are placed on your computer's hard drive by the server for the website you are browsing. Normally, cookies collect a very limited amount of data from your computer like your ip address, date and time. In that respect, cookies are often used to find out how many times you visit a website and how long you stay at that website. Most websites, and certainly all commercial websites, use cookies. Cookies cannot gather and/or transfer personal data, from your computer back to a website's server. However, some commercial websites can tell if you buy something from them and even what you purchase. Recently the West Chester Coin Club has started to use cookies to determine where a visitor to our website is connecting to the internet (detail is limited to city, state and country), count the number of visitors to our website, how long the visitor stays and what pages they access. It can also be determined, to some extent, if the visitor is a first time visitor or if they are a returning visitor. With the cookies we use, we do not gather, or have the capability to gather, any personal information from your computer! For more information and explanation about how cookies work, please visit I highly recommend this website if you would like to learn more.

YOUR DATA IS PROTECTED   The West Chester Coin Club can ensure the protection of your personal information because we do not keep any club data on any server, anywhere. Our database is kept on a personal computer. Standard security measures are in place which prevent unauthorized access to any data not specifically provided on our website. If any data is placed on our website, it is with the prior permission of the person or persons that it is in reference to. As of this time, the only relevant data would be the name of a speaker at one of our monthly meetings.

HELP US TO SERVE YOU BETTER   We of the West Chester Coin Club want to better understand you; our members, guests and potential members, and your needs. Our goal is to enhance our service to all of you. Any and all information obtained from you is for internal use only. If you have questions or concerns regarding this statement, you should contact the secretary by either sending an email to or writing us at the following address: Secretary, West Chester Coin Club, PO Box 818, West Chester, PA 19381. Please include a brief description of the reason that you are writing and a preferred method of how you wish to be contacted.

The Executive Committee of the West Chester Coin Club